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Working through relationship issues to create happy lives

  " Suprisingly we have worked things out and are now happily back together again. Also,  the good news is, we are engaged! Our relationship  is real and tangible now. The engagement came from a big growth on both our parts. Thankyou so much for your time and your efforts Nicole. It has impacted our lives tremendously. "  

Michael and Jennifer


Nicole works with couples who are either having difficulties with their relationship or simply want to rejuvenate a relationship in order to create a happier and more fulfilling future.  



How do we know if it's right for us?

 To help you answer this question here are some more reasons why couples work with Nicole:  

  • Generally happy in your relationship, but the feeling of being 'in a rut'
  • A specific problem within your relationship
  • A relationship that is passionate but destructive
  • Your relationship has completely broken down
  • One or both of you has been unfaithful
  • You’re just not getting on like you used to
  • One or both has changed and not sure if you’re still right for each other
  • Reached a crossroads in life and not sure if the relationship is any longer right for one or both of you
  • Just one specific issue that keeps coming up and causing problems
  • A desire to make some changes and ‘spice things up’ but not sure how
  • We once had a great relationship but now it's an unhappy and miserable one
  • One of you feels you're being bullied

There maybe many other reasons why you want to seek help for your relationship, whatever your situation, Nicole is happy to have an initial free telephone consultation with you both to understand your relationship challenges and goals and to let you know if she can help you and if so, how. 



  How does it work?  

Nicole provides an initial free telephone consultation to gain an understanding of your challenges and goals. If she believes she can help you and if you feel she is the right person for you to be working with, she will develop a personal programme tailored specifically for you. Call Nicole on 07900 904465 to book an initial onsultation or email




Richard and Sophie's story

Richard and Sophie had been married for 27 years. Their children were grown up and Richard, a highly successful, high profile business executive, was able to provide a lavish lifestlye for the family. Richard and Sophie's relationship had always been both passionate and volatile and as the years went by they both became increasingly disillusioned with how things were working out between them and the constant arguments that were taking place. They reached a point were they were holding their relationship together 'for the sake of the children'. Both individuals wanted the relationship to work, however, unless they were able to address their issues and change the way in which they were relating to each other, both felt there was now no point in continuing as they were causing each other great unhappiness.    

Nicole had been coaching some of Richard's executive colleagues and he had had excellent feedback about her work and  had observed some amazing results. He asked her if she would do some work with him and his wife to help save his marriage. Nicole worked with the couple together initially to help them understand the impact that each was having on the other and the relationship and what was causing those impacts.  They then moved on to agreeing the things they needed to accept in each other and the behaviours that needed to change to enable the relationship to become a strong one again and for them both to be happy as individuals. 



The third stage of their programme involved Nicole working with them on a one to one to help them make the personal changes they had comimitted to. Using leading edge personal change tools and powerful healing techniques, Nicole helped them both to create the appropriate new life habits and behaviours and to demonstrate respect and acceptance of each other's differences.

Within a matter of months their relationship was transformed. They are now happily enjoying a very long 'second honeymoon' and both are confident that they now have the knowledge and tools to sustain the marriage of their dreams.



If you would like to learn more about how to nurture your relationship, you can book a free telephone consultation with Nicole to discuss your relationship situation and aspirations and learn how she may be able to help you. Call or text on 07900 904465 or email

  NB All names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the individuals concerned

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