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Twickenham, Teddington or the comfort of your own home

                                                                                  FACE TO FACE COACHING


Nicole practices  on the luxurious  boat on the river Thames at Teddington and in Kinightsbridge. 


Nicole's recommendation


If possible it is better to get away from you own environment. This is not possible for some, for example couples who have children or people with certain disabilities and in these cases, Nicole can travel to your home. 

If you are in the Teddington/Richmond/Twickenham/Kingston area, the recommended option is the boat on the Thames. This allows you to get completely away from your normal environment and means that you can benefit from the beauty of nature and the therapeutic powers of  being on the water. The boat is fully heated and provides true luxury and comfort. 



                                                                                              VIDEO COACHING


Relationship coaching sessions with Nicole are available via video either via Zoom or WhatsApp. 



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