Joy of Life

Guiding teenagers to a successful and fulfilling future


  "The trick is growing up without growing old"

Casey Stengel




Growing up in your teens and beyond can be tough, some young people lose their way in life or perhaps find themsevles in a negative cycle that is taking them down a destructive path. For some, it's simply not knowing what future they want for themselves or how to create it. For others their start in life has been a very difficult one and has left them feeling helpless, unloved and out of control. Whatever the situation, sometimes a helping hand can make all the difference. Nicole works with teenagers of all ages to help them through the challenges of adolescence and, using leading edge techniques, she equips them with the insight and tools to create exciting goals, develop the confidence and skills to take control of their lives and build a happy, fulfilling future.


Where it's needed, Nicole works with parents of teenagers, helping them to establish successful strategies, make the right decisions and adopt the most appropriate approaches for their teen.


If your teenager is having difficulties and you'd like to have an initial chat with Nicole about how she may be able to help, then you can call on 07900 904465 or email



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