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Building fulfilling and rewarding relationships


"Our sessions with Nicole changed our relationship and lives in ways we couldn't believe"

                                                                                            Monique and Pasquale



Nicole has worked with many people in both every day and business life to help them build strong and rewarding relationships.


How do I know if it's for me?


To help you answer this question here are some of the main reasons people work with Nicole:


  • You have a relationship issue in your work which is impacting on you and your performance
  • You seem to be getting into conflict situations with someone more often than you would like 
  • You have a specific problem with a relationship that's important to you
  • You have a family relationship problem that you want to resolve
  • You have a friendship porblem that is causing you concern
  • You want to widen and improve the quality of your business relationship networks 
  • You want to widen and improve the quality of your friendship networks
  • You have difficulty forging strong relationships
  • You feel socially 'disadvantaged' and want to learn to enjoy socialising
  • You want to strengthen your level of influence in your business life



"The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships"

                                                                           Anthony Robbins



How does it work?  

Nicole provides an initial telephone consultation to gain an understanding of your challenges and goals. If she believes she can help you and if you feel she is the right person for you to be working with, she will develop a personal programme tailored specifically for you. Call or text Nicole on 07900 904465 to book an initial onsultation or email





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