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Create The Life You Deserve

"Nicole has a beautiful spirit, is truly inspirational and dedicated to her clients' needs.  Her immense experience in both the personal and business field enables her to fully connect to and empathise with her clients enabling them to shine on the inside and on the outside, just like Nicole herself.  Thanks Nicole, you are the best."

Tana McMeechan - EFT Coach


Whether it's  dissapointment with how life is turning out, a lack of confidence that is holding you back or a stretching goal you want to achieve, Life Coaching helps you to realise your full potential and provides you with the tools to develop the confidence, beliefs and skills to create the life you truly deserve. 

Nicole's approach works with the mind, body and soul to create a life that is fulfilling and happy both inside and out. She provides pioneering tools that enable you to make sustainable changes and achieve goals you may never have thought possible. 




  • A specific problem within your life that you want to resolve
  • Lack of confidence is holding you back from what you want to achieve in your life
  • You have a stretching goal you want to achieve but not sure how
  • Feel like you're heading for a fall and want to get your life back on track 
  • You want to achieve your full potential in life
  • Feeling of being ‘in a rut’ in your relationship or your life and want to create a happier, more fulfilling future
  • Outside pressures are creating problems in your life 
  • You're having difficulties with your relationships and want to understand why and find happiness
  • You want to learn what you're truly capable of in life and create the happiest life possible 



How does it work?  

Nicole provides an initial telephone consultation to gain an understanding of your challenges and goals. If she believes she can help you and if you feel she is the right person for you to be working with, she will develop a personal programme tailored specifically for you. Call Nicole on 07900 904465 to book an initial consultation or email



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