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"I recently had the honour and pleasure of coaching with Nicole and I benefited tremendously. Nicole is very gentle, personal and generous, yet right to the point in her approach which is backed by a great depth of experience and insight. Learning this way is very easy! I'm more effective every day; many, many thanks indeed!"

Dr Tim Stucke -  Chief Executive of Aeye Technologies



Nicole has worked with business executives for over 20 years, helping them to overcome personal and business challenges and move on to excelling in their performance and the performance of the teams that they lead.  She has worked with numerous high profile CEO's to help them manage major change or growth programmes and make sometimes difficult decisions to ensure corporate success. Many executive that Nicole has worked with have achieved goals beyond their dreams. 

 How do I know it's for me?

To help you answer this question, here are some more reasons why executives work with Nicole:

  • You're ambitious and you want to achieve your full potential - and maybe more!
  • You're just about to embark on a major change or growth programme that you're leading
  • You've got a specific work problem that's holding you back
  • You've just started a new great job that's a big challenge and you want to make sure you exceed all expectations
  • You want to become a more effective leader or manager
  • You're a CEO; it's lonely at the top and you would like an objective sounding board


How does it work?  

Nicole provides an initial telephone consultation to gain an understanding of your challenges and goals. If she believes she can help you and if you feel she is the right person for you to be working with, she will develop a personal programme tailored specifically for you. She is happy to participate in chemistry meetings if required.  Call Nicole on 07900 904465 to book an initial onsultation or email



Heather's story  

Heather was an ambitious, potential high flyer who was getting increasingly frustrated because she was not achieving her, very stretching career goals. She knew she had the potential and didn't understand what was blocking her advancement. Her initial goal was to move from vice presidency in a large corporate organisation to a senior vice president role, with a longer term highly demanding aim of becoming the head of the industry in which she operated. Heather had heard that Nicole had been coaching their president and decided to ask him if he would support some executive coaching for herself.


Nicole started by gaining feedback from Heather's colleagues, manager and  customers as well as carrying out a personality analysis in order to get a deep understanding of Heather as a person, how she carried out her work and how she related to others. After giving Heather feedback on what had been discovered, Heather  heightened her self awareness and was able to make some clear decisions about her personal development goals that she would need to achieve to take her to where she wanted to be.


Over a 12 month period Nicole worked with Heather to help her develop the new key skills needed to operate effectively as part of an executive team  and using leading edge tools and techniques build high powered attributes that would enable her to achieve unimaginable goals. An exercise and eating plan was agreed to ensure Heather was providing her body with the right fuel and hormone release for peak performance. Within 9 months Heather was promoted to senior vice president and became a full member of the executive team. Heather then asked Nicole to continue working with her to help her achieve her life-time ambition.

Within 2 years (far earlier than expected) the head of industry role became available. Nicole and Heather worked together to prepare her for her ultimate challenge and 3 months later it was announced in the press that Heather had won the coveted role. A year on  and Heather has now been in her new role for 9 months; already she is having massive impact on the industry which is being recognised by government as well as the captains of the industry.  She continues to work with Nicole, using her as her highly trusted mentor and personal coach, believing that anyone who wants to excel will benefit highly from working wih a good coach.


If you are an aspiring executive and would like to have an initial chat  with Nicole about it, then you can call on 07787729562 or email


NB All names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the individuals concerned

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